5 Benefits of Creating an Explainer Video for Your Business Website

The web can often be a one-dimensional experience – you have text, photos and maybe the ability to zoom, but you often never get the full picture. Not offering the full picture to visitors can reduce sales conversions and it can cause people to bounce off your website. This is where an explainer video comes in handy. An explainer video is essentially a tutorial in video form – it tells the customer what your business does, how your product works and how it will be beneficial in the customer. If you want to boost revenue and the number of visitors to your website, you may want to think about creating an explainer video – simply feature the video on the front page of your website or in a pop up window. Here are five benefits of creating an explainer video for your business website.

  1. Explain what your product is all about. If you have a product that is unique or that has never been seen before, you may want to feature an explainer video that goes over all the specs of your product. You may also want to exemplify the product from multiple perspectives, so the customer really gets the hang of what your business is all about. If you want to introduce a new product to the market, creating an explainer video is the best way to do so.
  2. Keep visitors on your website and lower your bounce rate. One of the key objectives of a particular website is to capture the web visitor’s attention long enough to make a sale. This activity can be measured quantifiably with a bounce rate. A bounce rate is basically the percentage of people that leave the site immediately. Featuring an explainer video can get that number to be as low as possible
  3. Improve your SEO rankings. Indeed, an explainer video will not only explain what your business is about – or what your product does – it is also a great way to improve your rankings in the search engines. Basically, the more interesting your site is – and the more relevant it is – the higher your website will rank. A website with a video explaining a product will offer web visitors a much better experience, so search engine bots will effectively boost the placement of the site.
  4. Boost sales conversions and revenue. With a better explanation of your merchandise or service, customers will be more inclined to purchase your product versus a product they don’t quite understand. One of the most important explainer video tips is to hire a professional production company, like Evolve Media, to create your video, because you want it to be as high quality as possible.
  5. Increase traffic on your website. With an explainer video featured prominently on your website, your average traffic number will spike significantly. If you are having trouble bringing up your traffic numbers, it could be because visitors are confused and not engaged. In the end, an explainer video will make things crystal clear and visitors will want to stay on your webpage for much longer.