5 Ways to Make Your Warehouse Safer

There is a good chance that your business’s warehouse isn’t as safe as it could be. Every year, millions of people suffer from injuries sustained in warehouses. These injuries occur from falls, malfunctioning machines and inventory tipping off of shelves. Not only that, but a safer warehouse is a more efficient warehouse, which means that products will get to clients faster and your entire operations will be more streamlined. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make your warehouse safer, but it may take a total overhaul of your protocols, especially if you need top to bottom reorganization. Here are five ways to make your warehouse safer.

  1. Make sure to create protocols for cleanliness and tidiness. A cleaner warehouse is a safer warehouse. If you have items strewn on the floor, it could create a number of safety hazards. This is especially the case if there is broken glass and other hazardous materials that could get in the way of forklifts and other machinery. You should create protocols for warehouse employees to tidy up the floor before they clock out at the end of the day.
  2. Place fast selling products towards the front of the warehouse. The easier it is for products to be accessed, the less of a struggle it will be to retrieve items. This will create a much safer environment for your warehouse employees. Plus, this will prevent items from getting damaged or broken. Safety is a priority for the sake of your employees, but you also want to protect your product line as well. Too many damaged products could start to take a serious toll on your business. So, if you are thinking of reorganizing things for the sake of warehouse safety, you may want to think about creating a hierarchy for the best-selling products.
  3. Update your pallet system. If you haven’t updated your pallets in a while, you may want to think about updating them. Older pallets will end up becoming corroded, which could cause inventory to fall or become damaged. So, you may want to visit Material Handling Exchange and purchase new pallets. Plus, having new pallets can give your warehouse a fresh aesthetic boost, which can create a new environment for safety.
  4. Place pallets between stacks of heavy items. If you have large boxes of inventory, you could create a situation where warehouse workers suffer from strained backs and other issues. So, you want to organize products so that they can be lifted more easily. This is also where pallets can come in handy, especially for heavier items – items that are too heavy to be lifted without a forklift. Even the strongest back can be affected by a box that is too heavy.
  5. Make sure that there is plenty of lighting in your warehouse. Lighting is critical in a warehouse, because it allows for workers to see where they are going and will also ensure that workers see dangers when they arise. In the end, it shouldn’t be so bright that you can’t see, but it should be bright enough to see under every nook and cranny.