Does Donald Trump Undermine His Employees?

Although he is undoubtedly well supported by certain section of American society, Donald Trump remains a divisive figure. Whether it’s in the US or globally, the President of the United States is regularly the subject of negative press and political controversy.

One particularly popular area of interest for journalist and political commentators is Trump’s rather unique style of management. Many consider him to be a poor leader, often citing his management mistakes to demonstrate why he isn’t really suitable to be in the White House.

Among these managerial mistakes is the accusation that Trump consistently undermines his employees, but where exactly does this come from? Surely a man in his position would need loyal and motivated staff members to effectively run a government, so what would Trump gain from undermining them?

Unfortunately, if you look at the evidence, it would seem there may be some substance to this often-cited criticism. Donald Trump regularly uses social media or television interviews to publicly disparage staff, particularly if they have said something he doesn’t agree with. He uses terms like ‘weak’ to describe employees in very public forums, and often goes against what they’ve said previously, leaving them looking foolish and undermined.

Of course, he’s also very complementary about employees who are in his good graces, but even those he has publicly praised are not safe from his outbursts (particularly on social media). It seems that Trump values personal loyalty above all else, and if he feels this loyalty to him is in question, he doesn’t hesitate to disparage, undermine or embarrass his team members.