Graphic Design for Corporate Events

How can graphic design support and transmit our corporate identity in events?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your corporate image speaks of you, your values, your objectives, and your company.

Corporate identity begins with the logo and then the typography, the chosen colours, and its applications; how it is used in different materials such as paper, signage, packaging, merchandising, videos, audiovisual content, etc.

Each one of them must generate trust, security and the necessary empathy for the client to connect with you. That’s why graphic design and audiovisual content is so important for corporate events.

The graphic concept and its role in business events

Undoubtedly, the image has to be scrupulously taken care of. There is no exception when our goal is to organise an event.

Event production companies are highly recommended when it comes to helping create a concept and extend it to all the elements that make up the corporate event we are programming. We must understand this project as an integrated whole with which we can create our own corporate universe, a graphic homogeneity between the pre-existing corporate image and the unique identity of the event.

What elements should be taken into account at the graphics level?

We are all able to identify when a design is beautiful and when it is not. In fact, we tend to value very positively those creations that we think are beautiful, but we cannot say exactly why. Behind the successes is not chance. You will find the work of experienced experts capable of understanding and transmitting what your company needs.


Creativity is important, and we must apply it properly (and with discretion) when choosing the name for our corporate event. It is time to conceptualise what we want to transmit to our audience and to translate it into two or three words with impact.

Design of a specific logo for the event

If you hold an annual convention, it is common to make a specific logo for each event. This should capture the essence of the event, and its exclusivity, so guests feel special … every detail counts.

Graphics material

It is essential that all graphics content (images, videos, illustrations, etc.) has the highest quality and resolution, especially for large format prints. Showing a pixelated element on a large screen harms the professionalism of an event. It is better not to use an image that we have in mind if it does not comply with the minimum quality.

Dissemination of corporate information

You can deliver this to participants in digital format through a flash drive or provide this information through a cloud app.

Audiovisual (AV) material for the event

Have you already thought about all the necessary AV equipment? Take into account the type of event, the space and the resources available to contract the best audiovisual equipment rental service. Is a giant screen, or several, necessary? Should it be LED? What lighting equipment will be required? And, the sound system?

Look for an AV provider that can offer you an integral service so that you can leave the task of choosing the optimal audiovisual equipment in the hands of experts.