List of Must-Have Promotional Items Every Company Uses in Marketing

Marketing techniques seem to evolve over time, but one thing that remains constant is giving away promotional goods. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? Whether it is during a company event, a trade fair, or just to welcome clients, guests, and new employees, a smart marketing team needs to invest in promotional swag.

Marketers can design everyday promotional items or those only given out during special events. When it comes to promotional goods that every marketing team needs to have handy all the time, the following are the top suggestions.

Office supplies and accessories

Office and desktop items never go out of style. For example, pens are always a go-to by marketers when they want something small and simple to give away. What’s excellent about pens is that not only are these economical to produce, they are quite useful too! Who hasn’t experienced the dilemma of trying to rummage through a desk drawer for a pen? That’s why everyone welcomes and appreciates being given a pen as a promotional giveaway.

Wearable apparel

Other favourite promotional items are apparel like t-shirts and jackets. Personalised t-shirt printing is economical and fast, and companies get discounts upon ordering in bulk. The key to using clothing as a promotional item is selecting a design that promotes the company but at the same time is subtle. Employees and customers who receive them will likely wear them more often if the company logo is not too big.

Giveaways related to technology

Promotional items aren’t only supposed to advertise the brand, they must be useful too. These days, it has become quite popular to use tech items as giveaways. Technology related items often look more valuable and are sought after by many, especially when they are free. Some examples include USB ports, power banks, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and thumb-drive keychains.

Quirky and fun items

Promotional items need not always be serious. If you want to showcase a more fun side of your company, you can opt for some fun items to give away. Unique promotional items leave a lasting impression on those who receive them. Examples include a stress ball and bubble-head pens.

Stock-up on items employees love to give away

The marketing team needs to keep track of specific promotional items that employees themselves love getting and giving away. There is always one item that stands out from the rest and making sure that there is a steady stock of these items ensure that employees get a chance to hand them out enthusiastically. When employees love what they are giving away, they instantly become brand ambassadors and promote the company to everyone they meet. Some favourite examples include eco-friendly water bottles, collapsible water coolers, and eco-friendly notebooks.

In conclusion, promotional giveaways are not only meant to be given away to clients and potential customers of the company. While the primary purpose of keeping company swag is to use it as a marketing tool during events, these items can also help encourage employees to become brand ambassadors by supplying them with small and memorable items to keep or give away.

Image: Pixabay.com